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What you need to know about Not At Fault Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents unfortunately occur every day on our roads. If you're involved in an accident and are not at fault, you need to know what steps to follow.

Car accidents in Northside Brisbane can be traumatic, especially if you were involved in one without being at fault. After a high-impact collision, you might be in shock, in pain, or feel frightened. You might not even know what to do. However, you must see a panel beater for car accident repair. Now, you are likely to have some questions in mind which we have answered in our post.

Should I Contact The Police?

When involved in a not at fault vehicle accident, the first question that would come to your mind is whether you should contact the police. Regardless of whether you experienced a significant crash or something minor, you need to call the police and report the incident to them.

If you think that you are not at fault, you should have a police report to hold the driver responsible for repair costs and damages. It is best that you avoid seeking a panel beater Northside Brisbane with the other driver on your own. No matter how much the other driver convinces you to not get the police or insurance company involved, it is the right thing to do for your best interests. Let the police know the truth about what happened and allow them to determine who is to blame. Besides, seeking a police report would help you make an insurance claim. It would also speed up your claim.

What Type of Information Do I Need To Know About The Not At Fault Vehicle Accident?

For a stress-free claim, you must collect several pieces of information. It will help you get your insurance claim processed. Obtain the following information before you leave the scene.

  • The name of the other driver and his or her contact details.
  • The model, color, make of the other driver’s vehicle.
  • The name(s) and contact details of the passengers in the other driver’s vehicle.
  • The car insurance company name and policy information of the other driver.
  • The names and contact details of the witnesses.
  • The name of the responding police officer and his or her contact details as well as badge number.

Make sure to only ask the above information from the driver. There is no need to discuss who is at fault or anything about the accident as the police and your insurance provider will handle those discussions. As you wait for the police to arrive, you should obtain all the necessary information about the accident. Consider sketching a map of the directions taken by you and the other driver and where the crash occurred. Note all the possible circumstances and take pictures to document the damages.

What Are My Insurance Considerations Regarding Getting A Quote From an Independent Panel Beater Vs My Insurance Agency?

When it comes to car accident repair Northside Brisbane, you can choose the panel beater of your choice rather than choosing one that is recommended. As you are likely to wonder where to get a quote, it is best that you reach out to your insurance company.

After being involved in any type of vehicle accident, the safest option is to contact your insurance company as they would let you know what type of coverage you hold and what the best course of action would be. Besides, your insurance company would provide a list of panel beaters that you can contact. However, it is important that you choose a panel beater Northside Brisbane that you trust. In fact, you might even have uninsured motorist coverage which would come in handy if the other driver does not have any insurance. Your insurance company would pay for the medical bills and repairs. Then, it will collect compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. Your insurance company should handle everything. It will send your bill to the other driver’s insurance company and collect it from it. 

If you are not at fault in a vehicle accident, you even file a claim by reaching out to the other driver’s insurance company. This is known as a third-party claim. In such a situation, the other insurance company would determine if the other driver is at fault or not before paying you for the repairs. However, it is best that you rely on your insurance company. It may take a few weeks for your car to get repaired by the panel beater Northside Brisbane if the damages are serious. You must keep all the documentation during the repairs including the estimates received and the updates. If you are using a car rental service, you will need to keep its documentation with you as well. With the right paperwork, you can expect to receive proper compensation.

In addition to the above, you might also require medical care. If you have been injured due to the car accident that you are not to blame for, you must collect the necessary documentation. Ask the hospital to provide a copy of the medical records to stay on the safe side. Let your doctor know that you require detailed notes of the records so that you can hand them over to your insurance company for review. Keep prescription labels, medical bills, physician orders, and paperwork with you as it will help ensure that you receive the compensation you require. Otherwise, you would struggle to pay for medical care. You must look after yourself as car accidents take a toll on your mental and physical health as well as financial health.

What If The Repair Costs Exceed The Car Value?

If the repairs are costing more than the value of the car, your insurance company will decide whether to pay you the book value or pay for the repairs. However, it is worth mentioning that insurance companies do not pay to get vehicles repaired if they have been totaled according to standard auto policies.

What If I Am At Fault For The Damage?

On the other hand, if you think that you are at fault for the damage rather than the other driver, you will have to make an at fault claim. In such a case, the other driver would reach out to your insurance company for reimbursement.

What If My Insurance Company And The Panel Beater Disagree About The Repair Costs?

There is a possibility that your insurance company might reject the estimate provided by the auto body shop. Similarly, the panel beater might reject the estimate suggested by your insurance company. In such a situation, your panel beater would need to work with your insurance company to work out a situation.

Am i entitled to an accident replacement vehicle after a not at fault accident?

CMT Luxury Replacement Vehicles has been providing Australians with accident replacement hire vehicles since 2016. If you have been in a not-at-fault accident which involved more than once vehicle you may have the right to a hire replacement vehicle, delivered in the same day to you. If you are reviewed as not at fault, you do not need car hire in your policy

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Harley BoydHarley Boyd
03:16 04 Dec 23
Extremely good customer service. Had a incident and needed repairs done Asap. Little Knocks went above and beyond to complete works in a very short time frame. Highly recommended.
steve Pulvernissteve Pulvernis
06:31 19 Nov 23
Great people; great work; great prices! A truly honest owner, am very happy with the work, no silly mark ups on parts. Am recommending to all my friends.
Alexander KayrinAlexander Kayrin
04:43 22 Sep 23
High quality work, great service and good price. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!The guys did a fantastic job on the dents and scratches i had to the bonnet and front bumper of my Subaru. Fixed and repaired the alloy wheels, had them looking brand new! After getting 5 other quotes, Little Knocks were the best priced.
09:37 11 Sep 23
Scotty and the team are perfectionist. It's so rare to find work at this standard by fellas this genuine, yet at such a fair price.Thanks heaps Scott
robin linrobin lin
12:21 18 Aug 23
I came across an accident while parking on street. These guys get my car really well treated, their quote is 2k cheaper than one chain repairer. Get my car washed before delivery. Appreciate it as they are a good part of this unpleasant experience. From sincerity rather than anyone's requirements
rob nortonrob norton
02:03 06 Jul 23
I had MAJOR rust damage on my sprinter van in several places, to the point where the spreading rust cracked the windscreen (they put in a new one). After 15+ phone calls to other businesses telling me they weren't interested, Scott and Lee gave me a quote within hours. They turned the vehicle around extremely quickly and it legitimately looks better than when I bought it. If your vehicle is part of your business, you can't afford to have it sitting around. Don't hesitate to go with these guys, pricing was very fair and their professionalism and passion to help with repairs in unmatched. Despite being located in inner-city Brisbane, I'll be making the trip to Brendale every time if more work ever needs to be done. Thanks!
04:40 05 Jun 23
Took my Smart Fortwo 451 to them for paint n panel TLC, their quote was competitive, they very responsive and polite, and suggested some further enhancements they could do - rub back the polycarbonate sky roof and finish in new clear coat, and also refurbish dull cloudy headlights.Their paint and repair of parking lot scrapes were excellent, paint match of metallic colour was perfect, the sky roof was one of the first they've done to refurbish to factory ..end result was sensational !!! like a new car, as we're the headlight lense refurb. Just fantastic. I have other cars with a few knocks and scrapes and I would have no hesitation giving them to these guys. It also helps they are big fans of Smart cars, but also just downright excellent to deal with, on time, and good value. 6 stars!!!
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00:37 04 Aug 22
I just want to thank the team at little knocks for repainting my car very well done they all did a good job and I'm very happy with the out come I would recommend little knocks to anyone who wants a decent paint job very professional kept me up to date on things I'll be giving the team 5 stars thank u to all the guys at little knocks
Michelle DaviesMichelle Davies
07:41 21 Jun 22
I can not speak highly enough of how impressed I am by the team at Little Knocks Repair Centre… a family run business, so friendly, reassuring and professional.. they went above and beyond to repair damage in a timely manner and did an A1 job on 2016 Ford Mustang. Very happy with great price and when I picked car up it looked brand new! Would recommend to anyone, I will definitely be back.
Mary SmaregliaMary Smareglia
06:09 29 May 22
My mother went down to Little Knocks with a broken side mirror. The gentlemen was very helpful and patiently managed to fix it for her on the spot, free of charge. Very grateful to Little Knocks.
Tania BairdTania Baird
00:24 26 May 22
Just wanted to give out a very big shout out to Scott and Lee,Can’t Thankyou enough,your service was so amazingFrom the time we meet your professional was beyond anything service we had be with.May I wish you and all your team a very successful year and onward.Would strongly recommend to anyone.
Mike TraffordMike Trafford
03:17 03 Mar 22
Very prompt, helpful and professional service. Leah in the office is friendly and knowledgeable. Lee's quote was very competitive, he found a suitable time slot and attended to the work professionally, on time and on budget. We were in good hands. Job well done and no over-servicing. I recommend Little Knocks and will use them again.
Nicola EdwardsNicola Edwards
05:04 08 Feb 22
Scott & Lee are very professional and offered a price much cheaper than competitors. All very friendly and tried to help me get it as cheap as possible, as that’s what I needed. Job looks amazing - perfectly done & very reasonable price. Staff are very friendly & offered me a lift home. Highly recommend these guys for smash repairs.
frances scanlanfrances scanlan
11:48 21 Oct 21
Excellent service, very accommodating and quality work. Highly recommend this business
06:44 24 Sep 21
Thank you very much for fixing my car Lee. Your time, honesty and professionalism was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Little Knocks in Brendale for any repairs.
paul atkinsonpaul atkinson
04:56 12 Sep 21
Lee and Scott both have a courteous manner and show a keen ear while discussing what's required. Lee came out to our place to run through the job and had a quote back to us within a day. Excellent attention to detail and very reasonable rates given the high quality of work. Highly recommended!
Lukas C.Lukas C.
06:49 04 Aug 21
Lee and Scott did a marvelous job of my dated metallic Mazda 3. It was a gleaming new car afterwards! They were fair, professional and quality all round. Will recommend for sure 😀
Bonnie McBeyBonnie McBey
04:10 19 Jul 21
Very professional, came to the house for the quote, emailed it straight to me, no hassle. Went to some others and I didn’t receive a written quote, one didn’t even ask my name!I booked my car in with Little Knocks and three days later I have a bright shiny virtually new car. Very happy with the guys.