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Brisbane Smash Repairs

We provide private, insurance and commercial smash repairs in Brisbane.

Smash Repairs Brisbane

Experts in Brisbane Smash Repairs near you.

We are a family owned smash repairs workshop on Brisbane’s northside that provides a full range of repair services for all makes and models. No job is too big or too small, and we work with everyone. Look here if you need help with insurance.

  • Dents, scratches, damaged paint
  • OEM part sourcing
  • Bumper repairs / replacements
  • Accident / collision repairs
  • Panel beating
  • State of the art paint matching

Why Choose us for Smash Repairs

The friendliest smash repairs in Brisbane.

As a family owned and operated business, Scott and Sarah go the extra mile for every customer they have to ensure they feel comfortable and confident. Getting your car fixed can be overwhelming, so we are here to help you from the start and guide you through the process step by step. 

Scott’s extensive and high quality smash repair experience has allowed him to offer a full range of body and collision repair services – from the smallest dents and scratches, to full vehicle reconditioning. 

From minor damage to major accidents,  Scott combines his many years of experience with the highest quality products, state of the art techniques, facilities and procedures to offer smash repairs that match and exceed OEM standards.

Our Smash Repair Process

Get an idea of our smash repair process.

Before Scott can begin repair works, he must provide a smash repairs quotation. This quote is given in person to allow the technician to best assess the damage as accurately as possible. In some cases where there may be indication of internal damage our technicians can make further inquiries in person, which will save your quotation being revised down the track.

The assessment will then use industry software to take into consideration the repair techniques, vehicle parts and other options regarding your repairs. Scott will discuss these options and the detailed quote with you and will answer any questions you may have. 

Once you have discussed the detailed quote and assessment with Scott, we will look at the best time for you to have your car repaired. Small repairs can be turned around often in the same day but you will be quoted a timeframe on a case by case basis. 

To begin repairs your vehicle it will be cleaned appropriately to allow access to the damaged parts. Preparation will vary depending on how extensive the repairs may be. In some cases of minor repair panels may remain attached to the vehicle, and in some cases of bumper repair the bumper will be removed from the vehicle.

We will then use our expert skills in panel beating and body repair to begin the necessary body repair processes, restoring the original shape and condition of the vehicle parts. This process not only takes into consideration the aesthetic value of the repair but also addresses the structural integrity of the bodywork to ensure the highest quality repair.

Once the necessary repairs have been completed to the body, Scott will now be ready to restore the paint and apply the final finishes.

Once your body work has been completed Scott will then prepare your vehicle parts to be re-finished. Ensuring the parts are properly prepared for repainting and refinishing is paramount for the highest quality finish. Scott can exactly match your OEM paint colour and finis to return your car to its original condition, or select a paint to your exact liking.

Scott only uses the highest quality automotive paint and paint application tools when he works on your vehicle. His years of experience and drive for excellence call for only the best products and this is reflected in the quality of the finished product. 

Whether a small area repair or a full body respray, Scott will take the same caution inside his purpose build state of the art spray booth, which is designed to maximise the quality of the spray finish in a highly controlled environment. 

Once your repair has been refinished the parts will be reassembled if necessary and then quality checked for the best possible finish.

Your car will then be appropriately detailed to ensure the maximum quality repair finish to your vehicle.

After your car has been quality checked and detailed, we will call you to arrange pickup of your vehicle.

At vehicle collection we will discuss with you the details of your repair and answer any questions you may have. Scott is your friendly smash repair expert and would love to answer any questions or queries you may have about your repairs.

Smash Repairs FAQs

Here are some of the commonly asked questions in Brisbane about our smash repairs service.

Our smash repair services address a range of damages from minor dents and scratches to major collision repairs. We ensure your vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition.

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident or has suffered any exterior damage such as dents, scratches, or structural deformities, it likely needs smash repairs. We can assess the damage and advise on the necessary repairs.

The time required for smash repairs can vary based on the extent of the damage. We strive to complete repairs efficiently without compromising on quality. An estimated timeline will be provided after the initial assessment.

Our process begins with a detailed assessment of the damage, followed by dismantling if necessary, repair or replacement of damaged parts, painting, and finishing to match your car’s original condition.

Yes, we use advanced color-matching technology to ensure that any new paint applied perfectly matches your vehicle’s original color and finish.

Yes, we handle insurance claims and can work directly with your insurance provider to streamline the repair process. We ensure all necessary documentation and repairs are completed to meet insurance standards.

Damian Byrns
Damian Byrns
Sarah & Scott will look after you. Great Panel Shop with amazing service & quality ..
Leonie McRae
Leonie McRae
The team at Little Knocks, Brendale, have far surpassed my expectations. From the first phone call to picking up our vehicle on completion, they have been friendly, helpful, communicative and professional. Thank you all for your excellent work and service. I would definitely recommend them to all.
Scott and the team at little knocks are awesome. Great friendly service and expert car repairers, this team really know service and happy to communicate and keep their customers happy. Thanks Justin
Steven C
Steven C
Great service. Staff are friendly. All questions answered. Recommend this repair shop.
Ewen Phelps
Ewen Phelps
This is a great repair shop, I highly recommend them. Scott is a top bloke👍
Gerhard Wolfaardt
Gerhard Wolfaardt
What nice people to deal with. Only one word to describe my experience with them is BRILLIANT. Thank you so much to Scott, Sarah and their team.
Rose K24
Rose K24
Scotty and the team at Little Knocks are awesome. Got my alloys repainted to satin black with red calipers👌🏽 Great attention to detail, real friendly and competitive pricing - highly recommend.
Harley Boyd
Harley Boyd
Extremely good customer service. Had a incident and needed repairs done Asap. Little Knocks went above and beyond to complete works in a very short time frame. Highly recommended.

Little Knocks Replacement Vehicle in Brisbane

If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, and it involved more than one vehicle, you may have the right, to a replacement vehicle.

Little Knocks are specialist facilitators of accident replacement vehicles and accident management services for any vehicle owner involved in a motor vehicle accident. Applications are applied in person or over the phone. Once your application is assessed to determine your non-fault status and once approved, we will have you back in a car the same day. Little Knocks deals with the at-fault insurer on your behalf to finalise the recovery of the cost of your replacement vehicle.

Quick turnaround on replacements

Preferred Delivery and Pickup Location

Not at fault vehicle policy not needed

Meet the Little Knocks Team

The friendly and dedicated Brisbane smash repairs team.

Meet Scott and Sarah, the owner-operators at the heart of Little Knocks, along with our team of dedicated panel beaters and spray painters. Together, they blend expertise, passion, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring each repair meets our high standards.

Get to know these skilled individuals who will be handling your repairs, learn about their unique qualifications, and discover the personal touch they bring to every job.

Smash Repairs Near Me in Brisbane

Reliable & Quick Smash Repair Services in Your Area.

Looking for expert smash repairs near you? Little Knocks delivers top-notch vehicle restoration services right in your neighborhood. Our skilled team uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure your car returns to its pristine condition, swiftly and efficiently.

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